Housing and Residential Life

Residence Life—Program and Activity Engagement

Five students sitting around a table, one has his arms raised in the air in celebration

Many programs and activities are available to students living in the residence halls at Michigan Tech. These are used to engage the residents on several levels. There are five levels designated as primary connection or social engagement levels. These zones are important in creating supportive living environments for residents in the halls and benefiting the community life of each resident. It is important for residents to understand these levels so they may actively participate in them.

Resident Assistant

The goal of this level is to begin establishing a relationship with individual residents. RAs build relationships by creating door decorations, leading social icebreaker games, having one-on-one interactions with residents, and introducing residents to campus resources.

House Community

The goal of this level is to facilitate an inclusive living community in the residence hall house. Building these house connections include community living agreements, team builders, intramural sports, house meetings, house socials, organizing outdoor activities, and maintaining house bulletin boards. A gathering of house residents can be a spontaneous or planned activity with either a social or educational theme.

Hall Community

The goal of this level is to work cooperatively with fellow RAs and houses as well as Hall Councils (IRHC, WHSA, MHA or DHHC) to educate residents about the personal impact they can have on their living environment.

Campus Community

The goal of this level is to work cooperatively with the overall Michigan Tech campus to assist residents in developing support networks and exploring opportunities beyond their own residential community. Many educational endeavors connect residents to the campus community by informing them about sexual assault, drugs, alcohol, alternatives to drinking, and supporting/encouraging excellent academic performance. Connecting to Michigan Tech can be in the form of supporting or attending campus events, including introduction to different cultures, Rozsa events, athletic events, and Tech traditions, including K-Day, Homecoming, and Winter Carnival.

Local Community

The goal of this level is to encourage residents to actively explore and participate in the larger "world" community. Possible activities or events include community service efforts, such as volunteering at the humane society, Dial Help, local schools, Make a Difference Day, Stand Up for Disabilities, or When You Move Out, Don't Throw it Out programs.


Resident Assistants (RAs) are responsible for organizing activities in the residence hall floor or house, other houses, or the entire residence hall. Ask your RA about what programs or activities will be planned during your stay in the residence halls at Michigan Tech.