Federal Relations

Capitol building in Washington.

Federal Relations works with federal policy makers to advocate and pursue the interests of Michigan Tech faculty, staff, and students by raising awareness of programs and research to advance our mission. 

Faculty Engagement

There are many ways in which you can help engage in the policy process to further your interests in Washington, whether they are research, education, or legislative issues.

Ways to Engage

Organizations of Interest


Student Engagement

Learn how to apply your knowledge to inform and develop policy through a variety of programs.

The Washington Experience

  • Internships on Capitol Hill
  • Semester in DC with The Washington Center
  • Build your network
  • Scholarships Available

Street sign of Independence Ave and Capitol Hill Historic District.

For more information on developing annual federal appropriations request, please contact Pete Larsen, Assistant Vice President for Research Development at 906-487-2906 or palarsen@mtu.edu