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Because of you, Michigan Tech has achieved amazing discoveries, learning, and research. You have helped us to shape the future for students. But we can’t stop here. Help us go forward. You support dreams. You inspire confidence. You expand horizons. We need your ongoing support. Because you make an impact every day. And Michigan Tech thanks you.

2018 Summary

Michigan Technological University Impact Report 2018

Students at commencement

We Thank You

At Michigan Tech, 92 percent of undergraduate students receive financial aid. Of those, alumni and friends support 985 undergraduate students with scholarships. Because of you, our donors, students receive an education, discover new possibilities, and transform the world.

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William G. "Bill" Jackson '58

Benefiting students. Giving generously. Bill Jackson '58.

Excellence in education rests on a three-point foundation: top-quality students, faculty, and facilities. William “Bill” G. Jackson and his wife, Gloria, supported them all during their 40-plus years of giving to Michigan Tech.

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Dr. Franklin '60 and Lorraine St. John

Entrepreneur. Tech advocate. $2 million donor. Dr. Franklin '60 & Lorraine St. John

Franklin St. John was not just the first person in his family to go to college. He was the first to graduate from high school. “If I hadn’t been close to Michigan Tech, I don’t know what I would have become,” he said. “One of the neighbor boys in L’Anse graduated in 1955 in metallurgy, so I thought maybe I could be a metallurgist too.”

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Dr. David Lyth '73 and Alina Harmala

Continuing the legacy. Supporting women in business. Dr. David Lyth '73

David Lyth will never forget the moment he met Joyce Caylor. “Back in 1968, there were only about 300 women at Tech, and one of them was talking to my roommate,” he says. Never one to let an opportunity slip away, David did the only sensible thing: “I walked up and inserted myself into the conversation.”

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Joyce '70 and Richard '70 Ten Haken

Educating future leaders. Joyce '70 and Richard '70 Ten Haken

There are three pillars to a successful life, says Richard Ten Haken: family, faith, and education. Michigan Tech provided that third pillar for both Richard and his wife, Joyce. For the past 20 years, the couple has shown their appreciation by giving annually to the University, and through their estate plans. Their focus has been the School of Business and Economics (SBE), though they also support a variety of other Michigan Tech efforts, such as Summer Youth, the clock tower, and the husky statue.

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Ross '60 and Mary Anne Roeder

Saying thanks. Giving back. Ross '60 and Mary Anne Roeder

Ross and Mary Anne Roeder have always felt that college life should involve more than labs and classrooms. So about 15 years ago, when Michigan Tech’s football program fell victim to state budget cuts, they were among the dedicated cadre of alumni who helped bring it back from the brink, and they have remained key supporters. “We believe that football—that all sports—are a big part of the college experience,” Ross says.

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Ron '60 and Ann Marie Harma

Providing results. Advancing students. Ron '60 and Ann Marie Harma

Ron Harma had parlayed three Michigan Tech degrees and his own hard work into a stellar career, both as an international consultant and as an executive at Cleveland Cliffs, and he and his wife, Ann Marie, wanted to say thanks.


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Paul Szczesny '82 and Jake Kessler

Serving others. Encouraging brothers. Paul Szczesny '82

As one of nine children, Paul Szczesny, always knew that his parents wouldn’t be able to write any big checks to pay for his education. But the family pitched in as best they could to get him though Michigan Tech. “My sister and brother-in-law helped out, and my mom would send me $10 a week,” he remembers. “That was a lifesaver.”


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Dr. Bill Rose with students

Funding Student Travel. Advancing Discoveries. Dr. Bill Rose

During his 41 years at Michigan Tech, Bill Rose did everything he could to get his students to places where they could be immersed in science. For many geology graduates, those trips were the highlight of their Michigan Tech education.


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  • $72.5
    million in university research expenditures
  • 15th
    highest early career pay in the nation
  • $60K
    average starting salary
  • 92%
    job placement rate
Students holding placards that say "We thank you."