Your support makes a direct impact – A note from Joe Cooper, Director of Student Financial Services

Financial Services

In the Financial Aid Office, we encounter countless students each semester who are facing some sort of financial barrier to their success. Sometimes a parent has unexpectedly lost a job. Other times it’s an incoming student who may have experienced homelessness or foster care and/or may not have a traditional family structure at all. All our incoming and current students have incredible talent and potential, but unfortunately, they do not all have the same financial resources or opportunities. 

That’s where Michigan Tech’s generous donors help. Thanks to the support from our sponsored scholarships, my team is able to provide a path forward for the students who are facing barriers. I recently got to know a bright young woman from a small town in the Upper Peninsula who was set on coming to Michigan Tech to pursue her dreams. She had no relationship at all with her parents, and she was going to be navigating the college process on her own as an 18-year-old. She was working four part-time jobs, and even with her existing financial aid, it wouldn’t be enough. Thanks to an available sponsored scholarship, I was able to call her and tell her that her dream of attending Michigan Tech would be coming true. She’s now here on campus and ready for success! 

She is just one of many students, each with a unique story and set of challenges.

Your support directly impacts students who need it the most, and we can’t thank you enough for giving.