Seismometers in Schools

Map of the UP with the six stations marked that are described in this page.

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Seismometers have been installed at schools across the Upper Peninsula.

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Shaking can occur from large earthquakes across the globe to stomping from students. Educators can use online tools to examine this shaking.

Michigan Technological University Dow Building

Channel R70F7 - EHZ

R70F7 Live Stream

Houghton Middle School

Channel R67E4 - EHZ

R67E4 Live Stream

Forest Park

Channel R9491 - EHZ

R9491 Live Stream

Powell Township

Channel R8E16 - EHZ

R8E16 Live Stream

Marquette Senior High School

Channel S8117 - EHZ

S8117 Live Stream

Eastern UP ISD School

Channel R94EE - EHZ

R94EE Live Stream

What is shaking at these schools right now?

Top and bottom data displays described in the text.

Real-time displays show the ground motion at any of several stations.

Each station displays live data in two ways. 

  1. The top plot shows how the ground has moved over the last ten minutes. New data comes in from the right side and older data disappears off the left side. 
  2. Frequency is the number of waves that pass a point in a fixed amount of time. The bottom plot highlights the frequency of the ground motion over time. Frequency is measured in Hertz, the number of cycles per second. The bright colors indicate that a lot of the waves at that time contained those frequencies.

These plots often show long streaks at a constant frequency. Vibrations in the building cause these streaks.

Shaking from earthquakes is larger. It occurs over a wide range of frequencies, so it is easy to distinguish from building noise.