Kathryn Perrine

Kathryn A. Perrine


  • Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Irvine
  • Visiting Scientist, California Institute of Technology
  • PhD, University of Delaware
  • BS, University of South Carolina


The Perrine research group focuses on understanding reactions and processes at surfaces and interfaces,from pure metals to heterogeneous materials. Understanding surface chemical reactions at the molecular level, from adsorption of molecules in the gas phase and in solution, will help elucidate reaction mechanisms and surface transformations of materials in controlled conditions.

We also focus on designing heterogeneous materials and architectures that will model catalysts and minerals to determine their fundamental physical and chemical properties under model and real conditions. A variety of surface analysis instruments are utilized to understand surface chemistry, including vibrational spectroscopy, electron spectroscopies, mass spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Our program is multidisciplinary encompassing research in chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering. Our aim is to understand fundamental physical and chemical processes than impact  the fields of heterogeneous catalysis and environmental science.

Links of Interest

Research Interests

  • Surface chemistry and interfacial science
  • Reactivity of gases and solutions on metal oxide materials under model (ultra-high vacuum) and real (near ambient pressure) conditions
  • Designing metal-oxide architectures and nanostructures on various substrates; Atomic Layer Deposition and tailored growth approaches
  • Growth, properties and reactions on heterogeneous structures for energy and environmental applications