First Place

Husky Game Development (Team 115)

  • Led by: Gabe Oetjens, Computer Science; Keira Houston, Civil Engineering
  • Advised by: Scott Kuhl, Computer Science
  • Sponsored by: Michigan Technological University Pavlis Honors College’s Enterprise Program

Second Place

Aerospace Enterprise (Team 106)

  • Led by: Nolan Pickett, Mechanical Engineering; Matthew Sietsema, Electrical Engineering
  • Advised by: L. Brad King, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Sponsored by: Auris: Air Force Research Laboratory, Stratus: NASA

Third Place

Innovative Global Solutions (Team 116)

  • Led by: Lynnsey Hooker and Kat Miller, Biomedical Engineering
  • Advised by: Radheshyam Tewari, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Nathan Manser, Geological and Mining Engineering
  • Sponsored by: Tree Frog Aquagric LLC, Ford Fund–Collegiate Community Challenge, General Motors, Cleveland Cliffs

Honorable Mention

Consumer Product Manufacturing (Team 111)

  • Led by: Samantha Appleyard, Engineering Management; Jacob Michaud, Chemical Engineering
  • Advised by: Tony Rogers, Chemical Engineering
  • Sponsored by: Sussex IM, Libbey, Mel and Gloria Visser, Kimberly Clark, General Motors, Doll n’ Burgers

Senior Design

First Place

Advanced PPE Filtration System (Team 240)

  • Team Members: Matthew Johnson, Electrical Engineering; Bryce Hudson, Mary Repp, Carter Slunick, Mike Stinchcomb, Braeden Anex, Brandon Howard, Josh Albrecht, and Hannah Bekkala, Mechanical Engineering
  • Advised by: Jaclyn Johnson and Aneet Narendranath, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Sponsored by: Stryker

Second Place

ITC Cell Signal Measurement Tool (Team 204)

  • Team Members: Reed VandenBerg and Andrew Bratton, Electrical Engineering; Noah Guyette and Ben Kacynski, Computer Engineering
  • Advised by: John Lukowski, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sponsored by: ITC Holdings Corp.

Third Place

Development of a Beta Brass Alloy for Co-Extrusion (Team 234)

  • Team Members: Anna Isaacson, Sidney Feige, Lauren Bowling, and Maria Rochow, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Advised by: Paul Sanders, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Sponsored by: College of Engineering

Honorable Mentions

EPS Ball Nut Degrees of Freedom Optimization (Team 236)

  • Team Members: Brad Halonen, Rocket Hefferan, Luke Pietila, Peadar Richards, and David Rozinka, Mechanical Engineering
  • Advised by: James DeClerck, Mechanical Engineering- Engineering Mechanics
  • Sponsored by: Nexteer

Electric Tongue Jack Redesign (Team 230)

  • Team Members: Jack Redesign and Brandon Tolsma, Mechanical Engineering; Collin Jandreski, Christian Fallon, Warren Falicki, and Andrew Keskimaki, Electrical Engineering
  • Advised by: Trever Hassell, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sponsored by: Stromberg Carlson

Bone Access and Bone Analog Characterization (Team 212)

  • Team Members: Sarah Hirsch, Mechanical Engineering; Elisabeth Miller and Christiana Strong, Biomedical Engineering; Morgan Duley, Electrical Engineering; Katelyn Ramthun, Biomedical Engineering
  • Advised by: Hyeun Joong Yoon and Orhan Soykan, Biomedical Engineering
  • Sponsored by: Stryker Interventional Spine Team

Blubber Only Implantable Satellite Tag Anchoring System (Team 221)

  • Team Members: Quinn Murphy, Lidia Johnson, Joshua Robles, Katy Beesley, and Kyle Pike, Biomedical Engineering
  • Advised by: Bruce Lee, Biomedical Engineering;
  • Sponsored by: NOAA

Design Expo Innovation Awards (Based on application)

First Place

  • Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise, Shareable Air project (Team 101)
  • Advised by: Tony Rogers, Chemical Engineering

Second Place

  • ITC Cell Signal Measurement Tool (Team 204)
  • Advised by: John Lukowski, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Third Place

  • Hospital Washer Autosampler Implementation (Team 218)
  • Advised by: Sang Yoon Han and Houda Hatoum, Biomedical Engineering

Enterprise Awards (Based on nominations)

Student awards

Rookie Award:

Jack Block, CFO - Supermileage Systems Enterprise

Innovative Solutions:

Cory Rorick, Alternative Energy Enterprise

Outstanding Enterprise Leadership:

Andy Lambert, CEO - Supermileage Systems Enterprise and Daniel Prada, Spark Ignition (SI) Team Lead - Clean Snowmobile Enterprise

Faculty/Staff Awards (Based on nominations)

Behind the Scenes Award:

Dr. Kelly Steelman, Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Dept. of Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Image Contest (Based on image submitted by the team)

First Place

Blizzard Baja (Team 101)

Second Place

WAAM Die Components (Team 237)

Third Place

Aerospace Enterprise (Team 106)