Greetings all, and welcome to the Design Expo!

It is Michigan Tech's annual showcase for experiential, discovery-based learning. This is our 24th year showcasing the work of over 1,000 students from our Senior Design and Enterprise programs. 

The Enterprise and Senior Design teams display their work on a wide range of projects—building race cars, providing sustainable solutions, tackling complex industry problems with advanced technologies, using machine learning to program autonomous vehicles, and much more. Their skills and accomplishments are the result of many hours spent creating plans, communicating with clients, thinking creatively, solving open-ended problems, and meeting deadlines. Perhaps just as important are the hours spent changing those plans, managing team conflicts, critiquing ideas, troubleshooting unforeseen problems, and getting behind schedule. Henry Ford once said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” Enterprise and Senior Design are a considerable investment for our students with an even greater return; today, we celebrate the successes of our Huskies, knowing they are well-prepared to create the future!

The Enterprise program is open to all majors and fosters interdisciplinary problem-solving, leadership development, and team-based project work. Diverse organizations of first-year through graduate-level students develop products, processes, and services within their market space. Faculty advisors coach and guide, while industry sponsors serve as clients and mentors. Multi-year participation in a business-like environment provides students in Enterprise a unique opportunity to maximize personal and professional growth.

Our Senior Design program challenges teams of highly dedicated, senior-level students to address practical, open-ended design challenges. It is a ‘capstone’ experience where teams must apply prior coursework and develop new knowledge and skills. Teams follow the complete design process from ideation to realization, and many work directly with industry sponsors. In Senior Design, projects are viewed more like a ‘first job’ than a ‘last class.’

Design Expo 2024 is generously supported by industry and university sponsorship. We are grateful for all our sponsors who have made a strategic investment in our educational mission. 

Thank you for attending the 2024 Design Expo, and Go, Huskies!

Nagesh Hatti

Nagesh Hatti

  • Director, The Enterprise Program and Chair, Enterprise Governing Board
  • Advisor, ITOxygen

Leonard Bohmann

  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering