Each year, teams compete for cash awards totaling nearly $3,500! A listing of all awards is provided below. Winners will be announced during the awards presentation.

Senior Design Awards

Based on video submissions and in person presentation

  • First place—$400
  • Second place—$250
  • Third place—$150
  • Honorable mentions (4)—$100

Enterprise Awards

Based on video submissions and in person presentation

  • First place—$500
  • Second place—$300
  • Third place—$200
  • Honorable mention (1)—$100

Image Contest

Based on team photos submitted during registration

  • First place—$200
  • Second place—$100
  • Third place—$50

The Intelligent Future Foundation and CTech Manufacturing Champions of Organization Award

The first annual Champions of Organization Award, sponsored by CTech Manufacturing, will be given out to one of our Enterprise Teams.  The award winner will receive a CTech Manufacturing rolling tool cart at the Design Expo awards!

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Must be an Enterprise Team registered to participate in Design Expo 2024
2. Fill out the entry form and supply the necessary information - one per team (only)*

*All entries will be reviewed by CTech Manufacturing and their charitable foundation, the Intelligent Future Foundation.  Finalists will be interviewed at Design Expo.

CTech Manufacturing rolling tool cart

Additional Awards

The following awards are presented at Design Expo but are not specific to Design Expo submissions.

Innovation Awards

Based on applications

  • First place—$250
  • Second place—$150
  • Third place—$100

Enterprise Awards

Based on nominations

Student Awards

  • Outstanding Leadership—$100
  • Rookie Award—$100
  • Innovative Solutions—$100

Faculty/Staff Awards

  • Outstanding Enterprise Advisor—$100
  • Outstanding Sponsor—$100
  • Behind the Scenes—$100
  • Module Master—$100