Publications citing ChARM use are essential to help us prepare proposals for replacement of instruments and other equipment. Please acknowledge the Chemical Advanced Resolution Methods (ChARM) Laboratory instrumentation and software in all forms of research dissemination, including articles, posters, MS or PhD theses, news releases, etc. 

We suggest using one of the two options below, where the first is specific to the Orbitrap Elite MS and the second is more broad: 

  • The authors acknowledge NSF MRI grant (AGS-1531454) and the Chemical Advanced Resolution Methods Laboratory for ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry research support; or
  • Parts of this study were completed using Michigan Technological University's Chemical Advanced Resolution Methods Laboratory.

Published Manuscripts

The following is a list of manuscripts and conference presentations from ChARM Lab. There are 17 published and six in-preparation manuscripts in addition to 21 conference presentations.

Conference Presentations