Use Rates

ChARM is a research-enabling shared facility with use fees to support general instrument maintenance. 

Only authorized users will be permitted to use the ChARM instruments. We have divided authorized users into two categories: Trusted Users and Technician Guided Users.

Trusted Users

Researchers may become ChARM instrument Trusted Users after completing the appropriate training in conjunction with repeatedly demonstrating responsible use of instruments as Technician Guided Users. Graduate students are required to take formal Advanced Mass Spectrometry as part of their academic training to become Trusted Users of the Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer system. This in conjunction with several hours of research specific use as a Technician Guided User is generally sufficient. Students can advance to Trusted Users after several hours of Technician Guided User time for other less intensive instruments.

There are two primary advantages for researchers to become Trusted Users: (1) researchers develop deeper skills and confidence as part of their research training; and (2) use fees are offered at a lower rate without technician salary support.

Note: User authorization may expire after six months of lapsed usage.

Technician Guided Users

Use of the instruments is needed with supervision and guidance from a technician. For other less intensive instruments, students can advance to Trusted Users after several hours of Technician Guided User time.

Technician Only

Instrument use time for routine measurements and advanced research tasks is also available. Fees for service may require salary support in addition to the instrument use fees. Requests for this service or consultation should be made via email to

Instrument Use Rates
Instrument Rates
Thermo 2D LC-High Resolution Orbitrap Elite MS $61.50/hr or $369/day
Thermo LC-LCQ Fleet MS $30/hr or $180/day
Thermo Ion Chromatography $14.5/hr or $86/day
Thermo Element 2 ICP-MS   $45/hr
Thermo ITQ1100 GC-MS $30/hr or $180/day
Zeiss Axioskop HD Video microscope $12/hr 
Biovision Laser Spinning Disk Confocal System $20/hr