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Students and employers talking during the Career Fair.

Michigan Tech students are unique. So is your business. We strive to connect you to as many of our talented students as possible, making your recruiting efforts easy and successful.

Our goal is to help you establish your company brand in the minds and hearts of our students, allowing you to maximize your recruiting results by helping our students and alumni understand where they fit in your culture and understand the value they can add to your organization.

Handshake: Free Job Postings

Using our Handshake service, your employment opportunities are distributed throughout campus in an easy-to-use system. Schedule on-campus recruiting visits, interviews, information sessions, and more through our online interface.

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Co-ops and Internships

Cooperative education is an excellent opportunity for employers and students to connect to learn how to work together. 

When people think of internships, it’s of someone running errands for anyone in the office. But for Tech students, cooperative education means becoming a professional before walking across the stage at commencement. Co-ops transform students into tomorrow’s employees. They aren’t fetching coffee; they’re making a difference from day one.

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