2010-2011 Faculty Travel/Presentations
Sharing their expertise around the world.

In 2011, faculty members in the School of Business and Economics presented their research and shared their expertise across the nation and around the world.

2010-2011 Faculty Travel/Presentations

Mari Buche

Saint Louis

International Conference on Information Systems
Panel for Social Inclusion Special Interest Group


6th Annual Midwest AIS Conference 
MWAIS Treasurer, Participant Panel on Professional Development and Research Productivity


Computer and Info Systems Leaders Council and Workshop in Healthcare IT at WMU

William Breffle


Pathways to Success Conference
“Improving Estimates of Consumer Surplus by Purging Income Effects for the Less Wealthy: Indirect Measures of Willingness to Accept”

Sonia Goltz


Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference
"Teaching Across Management Disciplines with Board Games"


Academy of Management Meetings
“Considering Implications of Spiritual Power for Organizational Behavior”

Gregory Graman

Portland, Ore.

International Conference of Business Sustainability
“A Proposed Closed-Loop Supply Chain Model for Cellulosic Ethanol from Woody Biomass.”

Soonkwan Hong

Evanston, Ill

Consumer Culture Theory Conference
“Skating Dialectics and Flipping Genealogy”

Coral Gables, Fla.

Academy of Marketing Science Conference
"Consumption of Extremity: Cultural Proliferation of Hyper-Authenticity and the Corollary”

Jacksonville, Fla.

Association for Consumer Research Conference
“Iconoclasm, Autotelicity, Narcissism, and Cool beyond Distinction” and “Forget Negotiation: The Non-dialectical Model of Identity Project by Extreme Sports Participants”

Junhong Min


MBA Association Conference
“Trivial Attributes in Service Context: Preliminary Findings” and “Marketing Research in an Emerging Economy: Preliminary Observation on Vietnam”
Society for Marketing Advances Conference
“Promoting the Provider Performance in Service B2B Relationships”
San Diego
Decision Sciences Institute 2010 Annual Meeting
"Supplier Opportunism and Relationship Performance in Marketing Research Outsourcing Relationships”

Karol Pelc


International Association for Management of Technology Conference
“Multiple Perspectives on Innovation Networks”

Latha Poonamallee


Academy of Management
“A Comparative Analysis of Societal Level Compassion in the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina” and “Is Indigenous Knowledge Property?”

Bangalore, India

Eastern Academy of Management International Meeting
“Corporate Citizenship: Panacea or Problem?—The Complicated Case of Hindustan Unilever”

Glasgow, Scotland

Multiple Organizational Partnerships and Networks (MOPAN) Conference
“Leader, Participant, Beneficiary, or Partner? Examination of Leadership Dynamics in a Collaborative Inter-organizational Initiative”

Haiyan Huang

Saint Louis

International Conference on Information Systems
“Identity and Cross-Cultural Management in Global Distributed Information Technology Work”

Dana Johnson


International Production and Operations Management Society Conference
“Comparative Analysis of Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Supply Chains for Biofuel” and “Integrating Sustainability Through Application and Research in a Graduate OM Course”


International Industrial Engineering Research Conference—Institute of Industrial Engineers
“Sustainable Mobility via a Biomass Supply Chain for Biofuel”


Sloan Industry Studies Conference
“Woody Biomass Supply Chain and Infrastructure for the Biofuels Industries”

Dean Johnson


Academic Finance Conference
“Top Income Tax Rates and Economic Growth”

Becky LaFrancois


North American Meetings for the International Association of Energy Economics
“A Loft Left Over? Reducing Emissions Through the Use of Natural Gas”

Cape Town, South Africa

Department of Economics Seminar
“Investment in Intermittent Renewables: Modeling Optimal Compliance under a Renewable Portfolio Standard with Varying Penalty Structures”

Andre Laplume


Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
“Simultaneous and Sequential Ambidexterity: Which Performs Better with Product Diversification”

Gothenburg, Sweden

European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium
“Heuristics for Strategic Ambidexterity: Balancing Exploration and Exploitation over Time in Varying Environments”

San Antonio

Academy of Management
“Effectiveness of Strategic Ambidexterity Heuristics: The Role of Product Diversification and Rule Change Environments”

Howard Qi

New York

Financial Management Association International Conference
“Inferring Default Correlation from Equity Return Correlation,” “Duration, Taxes, and Bond Yield Spread,” and “Executives’ Characteristics and Capital Structure”

Maria Schutte

Beijing, China

China International Conference in Finance
“Investor Diversification: The Pricing of Idiosyncratic Risk”


Finance Management Association Asian Conference
“Investor Diversification: The Pricing of Idiosyncratic Risk”

Waterloo, Ont.

Wilfrid Laurier University
“A Test of the GCAPM with Unbiased Idiosyncratic Risk Estimators”

Manish Srivastava


Strategic Management Society Conference
“Making the Most of What you Have: Impact of Alliance Portfolio Characteristics on Technological Innovation”

Joel Tuoriniemi

Newport Beach, Calif.

American Accounting Association Western Region Conference
“The Not-So-Innocent Spouse: The Failure to Adopt an Appropriate Valuation Methodology in Levy Claims.”

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