Chapter 7

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Students and Student Organizations

Effective Date: 09/01/2010

7.6 Undergraduate Student Government - Disbursement of Funds

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is authorized to make disbursements to both Undergraduate Student Government affiliated (Undergraduate Student Government, Lode, Memorial Union Board, Sound and Lighting Service, and Student Entertainment Board) or other registered student organizations under the terms and conditions here stated and for the purposes for which allocated by the University.

1. Explicit and definite written guidelines as to each recipients' needs and purposes must be obtained and maintained by the USG.

2. Registered Student Organizations that are to receive allocations must: a) submit written budgets, acceptable to the USG showing the planned expenditures of any funds requested or allocated; b) expend such funds only for the purposes for which the funds were allocated by the University and consistent with accepted business practices; c) maintain and provide upon request records showing the expenditure of any funds previously received in such detail as desired by the USG.

The USG shall provide to the University Controller an annual accounting of its expenditure of all funds allocated to it.

3. USG must follow University standard business practices and comply with all applicable statutory, Constitutional and Board of Trustees non-discrimination provisions in the use of the allocations.


  • 03/25/1977
  • 01/28/1982
  • 03/23/1990
  • 03/20/1992
  • 05/10/2002: Changed Student Council to Undergraduate Student Government
  • 07/15/2010: Was previously Policy 11.2. Renumbered; deleted Michigan Technological University/Suomi; clarified and modified to require accountability and added compliance with non-discrimination provisions.


Effective Date: 09/19/2013

7.7 Outside Public Speakers

Michigan Technological University fosters a spirit of free inquiry and to encourage the timely discussion of a wide variety of issues, provided that the views expressed are stated openly and therefore are subject to critical evaluation. Restraints on free inquiry should be held to that minimum which is consistent with preserving an organized society in which peaceful, democratic means for change are available. Therefore, registered student organizations are encouraged to invite speakers to the campus subject only to the following provisions:

  1. The speaker must not urge the audience to take action which is prohibited by the published rules of the University or which is illegal under federal or Michigan law. Advocating or urging the modification of the government of the United States or of the State of Michigan by violence or sabotage is specifically prohibited. It is the responsibility of the student organization to inform speakers of these prohibitions.
  2. Only such student groups as are registered with the Vice President of Student Affairs and Advancement as student organizations under the general criteria for recognition of such groups may invite speakers to campus. A list of such registered student groups shall be published annually.
  3. The sponsoring organizations must make full arrangements in advance for reservation of space using a form provided for this purpose. The form will show, among other things, the time and place of meeting, the names of speakers and the subject of the meeting.
  4. Where the proposed subject is controversial, it is suggested that the technique of fair debate between two or more qualified speakers should be encouraged.


  • 02/15/1963
  • 01/28/1982
  • 01/27/1984: Revised item 2
  • 07/15/2010: Was previously Policy 11.3. Renumbered and changed "campus organizations" to "student organizations" in paragraph # 2.
  • 09/19/2013: Changed "recognized" to "registered" student organizations and changed responsibility from Dean of Students to VP for Student Affairs