Chapter 3



Policies of the Board of Trustees and Their Implementation

Effective Date: 09/01/2010

3.1 Board of Trustees Policy

All Board of Trustees policies must be approved by The Board of Trustees. A Board of Trustees policy: 1) is of broad application throughout the University; 2) defines the University's mission, goals or practices as set by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the Constitution and enabling legislation and constraints ; 3) articulates or promotes desired outcomes; 4) grants certain powers to designated University officers or employees.

3.2 University Administrative Policies and Procedures

The President or the President's designated representative may enact statements of administrative policy or procedure which prescribe specific actions to be taken to conform to Board of Trustees policies, applicable laws, rules or regulations and provide for the orderly implementation thereof. The President or his designee shall establish a uniform method and format for the enactment, publication and periodic review of University policies and procedures.

The President or the President's designated representative is authorized to enact, implement and enforce, without Board of Trustees approval, appropriate executive orders, administrative policies and procedures, and college or department operating policies and procedures, none of which may be in conflict with but shall be in furtherance of and enacted in compliance with Board of Trustees Policies.


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