Fall 2017 Biological Sciences Newsletter

  • Students working at a table with microscopes.

    Program Updates

    Program Enrollment, Summer in Cyprus, New Graduate Program, and Accelerated Master's Option Biological Sciences Program Enrollment and Updates Bioinformatics Bioinformatics blends biology and computer science to solve complex problems in molecular biology and genetics. In spring 2017, faculty from the biological sciences, computer science, forestry, and mathematics departments came together to form an interdisciplinary committee with the goal of reinvigorating the bioinformatics major. With an emphasis on regional partnerships and coursework designed to bring students to the cutting edge of biology and computer science research, Michigan Tech is excited by the promise of our new-and-improved bioinformatics program.

On the cover: Michigan Tech's Department of Biological Sciences offers undergraduate degrees in medical laboratory science, bioinformatics, biochemistry and molecular biology, and biology with concentrations in general biology, ecology, pre-health, and secondary education.