The ADVANCE Initiative-Inclusion. Responsiveness. Career Success.
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ADVANCE at Michigan Tech is a $1 million initiative funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2018 to promote campus-wide faculty success and the NSF ADVANCE vision of STEM equity. A participant in the NSF ADVANCE program since 2006, Michigan Tech and the ADVANCE team led by PI Adrienne Minerick (College of Computing) and Co-PIs Sonia Goltz (School of Business and Economics), Audrey Mayer (School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science), Patty Sotirin (Humanities), and Andrew Storer (School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science), will initiate programs aimed at increasing faculty retention, success, and inclusion. Target audiences for these programs include academic leadership, tenured faculty, and under-represented minorities. This three-year grant will adapt programs from University of Michigan (Advanced Career Management), North Dakota State University (Advocates and Allies), and Iowa State University (Academy for Responsive Leadership) to fit the crazy smart culture of Michigan Tech so we can create the future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The ADVANCE Initiative

Advanced Career Management (ACM)

Sonia Goltz

Professor of Organizational Behavior, School of Business and Economics


Patty Sotirin

Director, CCM (Communications, Culture & Media) and Professor, Humanities

Academy for Responsive Leadership

Audrey Mayer
Assistant to the Provost for Academic Equity and Inclusion; Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolution, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science; Affiliated Associate Professor, Social Sciences

Advocates and Allies

Andrew Storer
Dean and Professor, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science


Early Career Management (ECM)

Shari Stockero
Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Development and Professor, Mathematical Sciences



Adrienne Minerick
Dean, College of Computing and Professor, Chemical Engineering


Diversity Literacy Workshops

Amy Marcarelli
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences