Joshua M. Pearce

Joshua M. Pearce


  • Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Faculty Advisor, Open Source Hardware Enterprise
  • PhD, Materials - Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
  • BS, Physics and Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Interest

  • Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Device Physics of Solar Photovoltaic Cells, Solar Energy Systems and Distributed Generation
  • Green Engineering: Solar Energy, Sustainable Development, Open Source Appropriate Technology, Waste Recycling, Circular Economy, and Energy Policy
  • Open Source Hardware, 3-D Printing, RepRap (self-replicating rapid prototyper), Low-cost Metal 3-D Printing, Distributed Manufacturing, Scientific Hardware

Now Hiring

  • Dr. Pearce is presently seeking students at the Ph.D., masters and undergraduate level for research in photovoltaic materials, solar cells, open-source 3-D printing, open-source hardware for scientific equipment and applied sustainability/energy policy. Interested applicants should have a strong academic background and a demonstrated interest in closely related areas. To apply for a position in the group follow the instructions here: