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The Ubiquitous Discipline of Materials Science and Engineering

Look around you! Materials compose everything you see. You can observe both man-made and natural materials in everything from your cell phone, to your bike, to your own backyard. Materials scientists and engineers create the materials that touch our everyday lives and drive advances in civilization, including

  • Nanotechnologies that make computers smaller, faster, and more economical;
  • Solar photovoltaic systems that provide affordable power;
  • Metamaterials, which may someday be fabricated into a Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak or a superlens;
  • Tough composites that make mountain bikes lighter and stronger;
  • Nanotubes and buckyballs; and
  • Artificial skin for burn victims and other biomaterials.

Mold a Rewarding Career in Almost Any Field with MSE

The field of materials science and engineering (MSE) offers career opportunities as boundless as your imagination, in just about every industry. The “science” component of the field seeks to understand the natural and man-made properties and phenomena of materials through the scientific method. Once a material is thoroughly researched and characterized, engineering can be employed to create, fabricate, or improve the material to suit the needs of society.

MSE is a hub discipline, having strong connections with other disciplines that rely on materials including chemistry, biology, archeology, economics, and physics. Experts in these fields collaborate with materials scientists and engineers to understand the role of materials in their own work.

Discover MSE in Summer Youth Programs

Come join us on a quest to learn about MSE! Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Program offers activities in materials science and engineering (outlined below) that will provide you with an array of opportunities to explore this fascinating field—and may help you decide if MSE is a good career fit for you.