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Enterprises are student-led companies embracing rich experiences in engineering design, team building, project management, and end-to-end original product development. Just as in Senior Design, Enterprise teams work under the direction of a faculty advisor.

The program gives teams of students from varied disciplines the opportunity to work for several semesters in a business-like setting to solve real-world engineering problems supplied by industry partners.

Advanced Metalworks

Industry Partner: ArcelorMittal, Alcoa Howmet, Eastern Alloys, GE Aviation, Magline, Inc. 
Faculty Advisor: Paul Sanders, Materials Science and Engineering
Course Number:  ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 1
Disciplines Needed: ME, MET, MSE, EE, EET, Business, STC

Ready to get your hands on high-impact metal-casting projects? Cast a wider net with the Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (AME). Work with high-quality metals and metallic components to fabricate patterns, molds, dies, and other specialized components for industry sponsors—all in our state-of-the-art casting and metallurgy labs. Companies routinely seek our students for summer internships and full-time positions.

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