Other Wellness Programs

Cooking Classes

Designed to encourage healthy home style cooking, this program was developed to offer hands on techniques and experience in the kitchen.  Learn how to prepare healthy meals with fresh produce, herbs and spices.  New sessions are announced each semester.

Healthy Moroccan Cooking, Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Healthy Italian Cooking, Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Incentive

Complete these two items to be eligible for the HRA incentive as described below:

  • See your physician for your annual physical anytime in the current calendar year. This routine exam is important to catch health problems before they become serious, or as a source of reassurance that you are as healthy as you feel.
  • Complete your personal and confidential Health Risk Assessment (HRA) online at www.bcbsm.com in the current calendar year. Learn more about your health status and determine your risk for common diseases including diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other medical conditions.

Eligible employees who complete the two items above will receive an incentive in March of the following year. Incentives to choose from are as follows:

  • $100.00 deposited into a Health Savings Account.
  • $100.00 deposited into a TechFit account.
  • $100.00 deposited into a Health Flexible Savings Account.
  • $200.00 deposited into a T2 account - similar to TechFit, funds can only be used at a Michigan Tech facility. The T2 benefit can be used in conjunction with TechFit.

Benefit Services Lunch and Learns

Lunch and Learn events are informative meetings held during lunch hour on campus.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch - beverages are provided.  Many departments from across campus host Lunch and Learns with a variety of topics.  Benefit Services hosts approximately one Lunch and Learn each month with topics ranging from health and wellness to parenting to retirement and estate planning.  Benefits Services Lunch and Learns are advertised in Tech Today and on the Human Resources Calendar.

Healthy Blue Basics: Healthy Living Tailored to You

Start by taking the Succeed Health Assessment online to get a snapshot of your health and receive tips on reducing your health risks.

Get Connected to Better Health
  • Engage online health management solution
  • Complex chronic condition management
  • Case management
  • 24-hour nurse line

Check out the brochure to find more information today!

Are you ready to Quit Smoking?  BCBSM has a program "Quit the Nic" that can help you do just that.  See the brochure for more information.