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You’ll always be part of the Husky family! Michigan Tech Retired Employees program keeps you in touch with friends, reminds you of campus activities, and alerts you to volunteer and learning opportunities. Stay connected. Stay active. Membership is free and open to all who retire from employment at Michigan Tech.

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24% of living Tech retirees are alumni.

Tech Memories

Students dressed in cardboard armor

Last year my friends and I lived in Junkyard, and we were a very close hall. At the beginning of the year, we somehow got the idea of building cardboard armor. We all went down to the basement of DHH and spent hours putting our armor together . . . Read More

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12 hours ago - "To the degree that we can encourage our students to develop higher levels of self-authorship while in college, we can produce graduates who are better equipped to manage the unique challenges of continuous and potentially disruptive change and shape the future, rather than simply experiencing it. But how?" – Lorelle Meadows, dean of Pavlis Honors College
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Friday - Autumn colors Innovation Shore. #mtuscenes 🍂 🍁#michigantech https://t.co/RzhWKvOUk2
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Friday - Autumn colors Innovation Shore. #mtuscenes 🍂 🍁#michigantech
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Thursday - Better eruption predictions start with better understanding magma.