The Michigan Tech Retired Employees Association's mission is to help you stay in touch with the friends you made while working at Tech, to keep you informed about campus activities and to provide volunteer and learning opportunities.  

Membership is automatic for all who retire from employment at Michigan Tech, including faculty, staff, and administrators, in addition to their spouses, partners, widows and widowers. Others with special connections to campus are welcome, as well. The intent of the Retiree Association is to be inclusive in its membership. There are no dues, membership in the MTREA is free.

Brenda Rudiger finds a namesake street in Germany.

Germans Do It Differently

While Brenda Rudiger was on a Fulbright scholarship in Germany last fall, the executive director of alumni relations at Michigan Technological University learned some [ read more ]
Winter Study Wolf Pawprints on Isle Royale

Two Wolves Remain on Isle Royale

Having survived another year, it is likely that only two wolves remain on Isle Royale. A researcher from Michigan Technological University surveyed the island [ read more ]
Bethany Schaefer's team designed a hitch-load measurement device for John Deere tractors. Tests will continue at the company.

DesignExpo 2016: The Big Reveal Radiates Energy, Excitement as Senior and Enterprise Projects Come to Light

Feeds and speeds, pop-and-swaps, chat 'bots and Blue-tooth Roombas—the lingo flies thick and fast along a poster-lined labyrinth of evolutionary ideas at Michigan Tech's [ read more ]
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Mid-campus Cam

Mid-Campus Cam

View of the center of the campus mall from Rekhi Hall.

2012 MTU Accomplishments