The Michigan Tech Retired Employees Association's mission is to help you stay in touch with the friends you made while working at Tech, to keep you informed about campus activities and to provide volunteer and learning opportunities.  

Membership is automatic for all who retire from employment at Michigan Tech, including faculty, staff, and administrators, in addition to their spouses, partners, widows and widowers. Others with special connections to campus are welcome, as well. The intent of the Retiree Association is to be inclusive in its membership. There are no dues, membership in the MTREA is free.

Professor Emeritus Bill Rose with the 3.5 ton nickel-copper sulfide boulder from the Eagle Mine.

Boulders from Eagle Mine on Display at Michigan Tech

A treasure from deep inside the earth has come to Michigan Tech.  Boulders of unique Nickel-copper sulfide rock with platinum and other rare elements—from the . . .[ read more ]
Holodec Wing

New HOLODEC Study in Science on Using Holography to Better Understand Clouds

Watching the clouds go by, swirls of white puff up and melt away. The changes mirror mixing within the clouds as drier air mingles with . . .[ read more ]
CParticle Black Carbon

Michigan Tech Team Helps Clarify the Impacts of Black Carbon in Nature Communications Study

Dust specks are touted for their insignificance. But black carbon particles have global impact. Michigan Technological University researchers collaborated with a team from the Los . . .[ read more ]
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Mid-campus Cam

Mid-Campus Cam

View of the center of the campus mall from Rekhi Hall.

2012 MTU Accomplishments