Performance Management

The Performance Management Process provides a formal assessment of employee job performance on an annual basis for all staff (non-faculty, non-union). The process is intended to help employees understand their roles and expectations, continue to grow, learn, and develop, and support the continuous improvement of Michigan Tech.

The Performance Management Process consists of four phases annually: goal setting/development planning, mid-year status check-in, year-end self-assessment, and year-end review.  

What is my role as a supervisor? As an employee?

  • Initiate the process, ensure timely completion of each phase, and submit all required documents.
  • Facilitate the development of performance goals and set expectations.
  • Encourage employee input and be an active contributor to support employee development.
  • Monitor employee performance and provide coaching and feedback.
  • Be an active contributor in setting your performance goals and the review process.
  • Complete a self-assessment, utilizing it as an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments.
  • Be proactive – ask for coaching and feedback to clarify your supervisor’s expectations.
  • Utilize feedback provided.

Process Components

Job Description, Goal Setting, and Development Plan

  • Create or update the employee job description, utilizing the Job Description Template.
  • Together set performance goals (SMART goals), employee development opportunities and/or development goals, and any resource or support needs to successfully achieve goals.  Record this on the Performance Management Process Form.

Mid-Year Status Check-in

  • Formal check-in between the employee and supervisor to review status of performance goals and development plan, noting any modifications or status notes on the Performance Management Process Form.

Employee Self-Assessment

  • Employee provide details and examples of how performance goals were achieved as well as details and examples of accomplishments outside of set performance goals on the Performance Management Process Form.

Year-End Review

  • Supervisor reviews performance goals, development plan, mid-year status remarks, and employee’s self assessment.
  • Supervisor assesses each performance goal and the employee’s overall employee performance, rates overall performance, and provides comments on the Performance Management Process Form.
  • Completed form is shared/discussed with employee.
  • Supervisor submits completed form to Human Resources via campus mail of via email to  

Submission Requirements and Timeline

May 2014—Job Description, Goal Setting, and Development Plan Complete
By September 2014—Employee Self-Assessment complete
By October 15, 2014—Year-End Review Complete
By October 15, 2014—Supervisors must submit the completed Performance Management Process Forms to

Resources and Materials

Any questions related to this process can be directed to the Human Resources Employment Services at 906-487-2280.