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Beginning January 1, 2019, the HRA Incentive, HuskyPAW, SWEAT, TechFit (employee and dependent), and T2 become one program — Husky Health.


The HuskyPAW program provides incentives to employees who participate in wellness activities or programs and track their physical activity, participation, or nutrition.  Here is how HuskyPAW works:

  1. Track nutrition and physical activity on-line at and/or submit the HuskyPaw Tracking Form or the Electronic Tracking Form.
  2. Submit the tracking form to the Benefit Services the first week of every month for the month prior. 
  3. Points are tallied and you will receive a monthly postcards that acknowledges your incentive points reached (Benefits Services will automatically count TechFit points and Spark People points).
  4. When you reach an incentive level, a postcard will be mailed so rewards may be redeemed. Review the incentive levels and incentive chart here. Your points continue to accumulate toward the next level and will only reset to zero at the beginning of each calendar year.

Join HuskyPAW and earn incentive gifts for your participation in physical activity and wellness activities on or off campus through programs such as Wellness Lunch and Learns, Weight Loss Programs, Smoking Cessation, Nutritional Tracking, Health Risk Assessments Gym Memberships, Organized Cardio Programs, etc.

This program is open to benefit eligible employees.