Liang Song

Liang Song


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Assistant Professor of Accounting, School of Business and Economics

  • PhD, Concentration in Accounting and Finance, Lally School of Management and Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Dr. Song joined the School of Business and Economics in 2011. Before coming to Michigan Tech, he taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Because of his research achievements, he was invited to work as a visiting scholar at the European Central Bank and the Bank of Finland to conduct research related to policy issues. He has also worked as an IT engineer with the responsibility to implement and maintain SAP ERP, which has provided him some real-world accounting practices. His interests include almost all sports, especially soccer.

Teaching Interests

  • Financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Accounting information systems
  • Auditing

Research Interests

  • Earnings management
  • Audit quality
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial institutions
  • Capital markets

Recent Publications

  • “What Determines Bank-Specific Variations in Bank Stock Returns? Global Evidence” with B. Francis, I. Hasan, and B. Yeung, Journal of Financial Intermediation. Forthcoming.
  • “Corporate Disclosure and Financing Arrangements: Evidence from Syndicated Loans in Emerging Markets” with I. Hasan, M. S. Zhan, P. Zhang, and Z. G. Zhang, Asian Review of Accounting Forthcoming.
  • “Effects of Corporate and Country Governance on R&D Investment: Evidence from Emerging Markets” with I. Hasan and S. Raymar, Singapore Economic Review Forthcoming.
  • “Corporate Governance, Investor Protection, and Firm Performance in MENA Countries” with I. Hasan and N. Kobeissi, Middle East Development Journal 2014(6, 1) 84-107.
  • “Public Disclosure and Bank Loan Contracting: Evidence from Emerging Markets” with I. Hasan, Asian Review of Accounting 2014(22, 1) 2-19.
  • “Institutional Development and Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from China” with I. Hasan and P. A. Wachtel, Journal of Comparative Economics 2014(42, 1) 92-108.
  • “Does the Relationship between Accounting Disclosure and Bank Loan Contracts Vary with Borrower Characteristics? Evidence from Emerging Markets” with Dekui Li and Zhaoguo Zhang, Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting 2014(6, 1) 440-463.
  • “Use of Video Clips in a Virtual Learning Environment of Accounting Information Systems Class - a Case Study” with B. Z. Lu, Open Journal of Accounting 2013(2, 4) 107-109.
  • “Do Islamic Banks Employ Less Earnings Management?” with M. Quttainah and Q. Wu, Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting 2013(24, 3) 203-233.
  • “Corporate Governance and Investment Cash Flow Sensitivity: Evidence from Emerging Markets” with B. Francis, I. Hasan, and M. Waisman, Emerging Markets Review 2013(15): 57-71.
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