Gary A. Campbell

Gary A. Campbell


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Professor of Natural Resource Economics, School of Business and Economics

Director of MS in Applied Natural Resource Economics

Affiliate Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

  • Ph.D. in Mineral Economics, The Pennsylvania State University
  • MS in Economics, Iowa State University
  • BS in Economics, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Gary Campbell began teaching in the School of Business and Economics at Michigan Tech in 1982. He helped establish the MS in Mineral Economics Program (currently named Applied Natural Resource Economics) which admitted its first students in 1983.

He is currently acting as the coordinator of that MS program and the associated Peace Corps Master’s International program. Gary Campbell is also the editor of the journal, Resources Policy.

Research Focus

Minerals are a necessity for society, but they come with a number of concerns and problems.  Gary Campbell's research looks at the economic behavior of mineral markets and the social issues of mineral extraction.  Recent research has focused on the markets for rare earths and copper and at the social conflicts over opening and operating mines.

Teaching Interests

  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Principles of Economics
  • International Economics


  • Metal markets
  • Sustainability of mining
  • Social decision-making about resource use

Selected Publications

  • Campbell, G. A. (2014). Linda Wärell, "Rare Earth Metals: A Strategic Concern" in Mineral Economics (vol. 27, 1 #, pp. 21-31) , Springer.
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  • Campbell, G. A. (2008). Robert F. Gormon (Ed.), April 5, 1979: Carter Orders Deregulation of Oil Prices, (pp. 1122-1124). Pasadena, CA: Great Events from History: The Twentieth Century, 1971-2000/Salem Press.
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