At the School of Business and Economics, our goal is to educate high-quality students who focus on innovation, new technologies, entrepreneurship, and business development. Our staff and faculty work closely with students, alumni, industry leaders, and business professionals to provide a unique and distinctive career path. We are constantly developing our current programs, as well as offering the Business Development Experience where students gain real life experience while attending Michigan Tech. 

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Howard Qi Faculty Photo

Howard Qi

PhD in Finance, Syracuse University



Associate Professor of Finance, School of Business and Economics

Dr. Qi joined Michigan Tech in 2005. Before coming to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, he lived in the quaint college town of Amherst in Massachusetts and Syracuse in the picturesque finger lake region of New York. His interests include biking, swimming, traveling, (cross-country) skiing, classic music, reading,

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Peng Guo

Ph.D. in Accounting, Louisiana State University



Assistant Professor of Accounting, School of Business and Economics

Peng grew up in Beijing, China.  She came to the U.S. and earned a M.S. in chemistry at North Carolina State University and Ph.D. in accounting at Louisiana State University.  Her research interests include earnings quality, tax avoidance, and self-selection.  In her spare time, Dr. Guo enjoys cooking, gardening,

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Heather Knewtson

PhD, Finance, Washington State University



Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business and Economics

Dr. Knewtson earned her Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science from Roosevelt University in 1999, working in industry as a pension actuary. Knewtson earned her Master’s in Applied Economics (2010) and Doctorate in Business Administration – Finance (2011), both from Washington State University. Knewtson’s research focuses on insider trading, with publications