Soonkwan Hong

Soonkwan Hong


Expanded CV

  • Associate Professor of Marketing, School of Business and Economics
  • PhD in Marketing, University of Texas-Pan American


Dr. Soonkwan Hong is originally from Inchon, South Korea and has lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada and more recently in South Texas. His research interests include consumer identity project, consumer agency, and co-optation theory. He believes that “edutainment,” utilizing up-to-date technology, is one of the most successful teaching methods. His research has been published in Journal of Relationship Marketing, CyberPsychology & Behavior, Journal of Promotion Management, Advances in Consumer Research, Review of Business Research, The TQM Magazine, International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Journal of Computer Information Systems, International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, and International Journal of Technology Marketing. Dr. Hong is a member of three academic associations to which he has presented his research: American Marketing Association, Association for Consumer Research, and Academy of Marketing Science. He enjoys almost all sports, especially  tennis, golf, and snowboarding. He is married with two children, Emily and Ian.

Research Focus

Dr. Soonkwan Hong’s research focuses on sociocultural and ideological aspects of consumption, which should better facilitate our understanding of a variety of consumption praxes, consumers’ lived experiences, and stylization of their lives. More specifically, such research illuminates consumers’ non-dialectical identity projects and their transformation into surrogate marketers, whom Dr. Hong and other scholars in the field refer to cyborgian consumers.

A multitude of reality-engineering/truth-making is witnessed in the current market system. Thus, Dr. Hong will continue to theorize about the new perspective of the consumer-market dynamics, as polyvalent power relations, to which consumers as “critical” constituents of the system constantly make sociocultural contributions.

Teaching Interests

  • Consumer behavior
  • e-Commerce
  • Promotion
  • International Marketing

Research Interests

  • The polysemic nature of consumers’ identity-related behaviors and activities in association with culture, technology, and socio-political contexts as key drivers of different manifestations of consumer culture.
  • Consumers as self-emancipating and self-conflicting agents in the market.
  • Use of technology for showcasing consumer identity.
  • Consumers as cyborgs.
  • Consumers’ reactions to the gendered consumer market.