University Marketing and Communications

Snapchat Takeovers

In a Snapchat takeover, we provide our login credentials to a student or faculty who will share a day in their life as they attend conferences, participate in competitions, or share their campus life experience in different departments, classes, and groups.

We have had takeovers run in other countries through IPS, promoting enterprise competitions with the Concrete Canoe team, sharing about their work with Summer Youth Programs, promoting visiting speakers, and much more.

How will this benefit me?

  1. Leverage the attention of Michigan Tech’s Snapchat followers.
  2. Capture the attention of new audiences (prospective students) and expose them to information about your cause, group, research, etc.

What do I have to do?

  1. Identify someone (e.g., a student or faculty) who is willing to run the takeover. They must already have a Snapchat account and a device to use it on.
  2. Check availability and choose a time slot of 1-3 days where the individual is available to highlight your program or an event.
  3. Contact us at to schedule your takeover.
  4. Sign our Snapchat takeover contract.

What makes for a good takeover?

  1. Telling your story.
    1. Everyone (even every program or group) has a story to tell—Snapchat is the perfect place to tell it.
    2. Your story may be little. Snapchat is the perfect place to tell it.
    3. Your story may be long. You guessed it: Snapchat is the perfect place to tell it. Just maybe in several snaps, instead of just one. In fact, if you want to tell one long story, you might ask us about setting up a Facebook Live instead.
  2. Snapping with/for a purpose.
    1. Before someone on your team launches their takeover, make sure a purpose or goal(s) has been established. Aiming for more students to join your organization? Looking to promote an upcoming event? Trying to spread the word about the services your learning center offers? Make sure everyone understands why and how you’re using the official Michigan Tech Snapchat account to reach the masses.
    2. Give a call to action. Now that you have your audience’s full attention: tell them what you want them to do.
        1. Check out your Snapchat account? Visit your office? Attend your broomball game? Snap back to you? Be clear and direct, then sit back and reap the benefits.
        2. Setting clear goals makes for a much easier and more successful takeover. Story ideas will multiply—you could end up with more ideas than time!
  3. Planning your takeover for the optimal time.
    1. Schedule the date and time of your takeover so that it works best for you. Launching a new scholarship? Holding a bake sale? You might time your takeover a day or two in advance of an event, to inform and excite people to attend or participate. Your last snap might be at the event or shortly after, thanking people for coming.
    2. As you are planning, take a look at the academic calendar. Keep in mind campus events that may compete for your audience’s attention and plan accordingly.
  4. Assigning your storyteller.
    1. Michigan Tech has a brand. Because you are using our account, you might think of a person who can jive with our brand while promoting your unique content.
    2. Because users are inundated with content on Snapchat and other platforms, it takes a special someone to snag someone’s attention as they are scrolling through the feed. Choose wisely.