Transportation Services

Violations and Appeals

Any vehicle(s) that you register on campus will make you the responsible party for all notices, parking fees, citations, or towing expenses that the vehicle may incur while it is registered in your name.

Parking Violation Rates

Payment of Fines

Parking violations must be paid online or at the Student Services Center within 10 business days of issuance (not including holidays or weekends).  Parking privileges are suspended when the violation is 45 days past due.  After 60 days, unpaid fines may be sent to a collection agency.

The University reserves the right to restrict registration and withhold diplomas or transcripts if fines are not paid.

Paying a violation will cancel any appeals that you may have pending for that violation.

Violation Appeals Process

  1. Submit the appeal online within 10 days of violation date.
  2. If the appeal is denied, it can be submitted to the Appeals Committee, level 2 appeal; please submit an online appeal a second time.  If the Appeals Committee denies the appeal, it can be sent to the 97th District Court in Houghton.  General questions regarding specific parking violations should be directed to Transportation Services.

NOTE: Denied violations appeals may be subject to an additional appeals administrative fee.

These ARE NOT valid reasons to appeal a violation:

  1. Lack of legal parking
  2. Lack of convenient parking
  3. Time constraints, running late
  4. Lack of knowledge of the regulation(s)
  5. Never received the ticket(s) on vehicle
  6. Parking for “just a couple minutes”
  7. Failure to obtain a temporary permit
  8. Did not see the parking sign
  9. Someone else parked the car
  10. Affiliated with Michigan Technological University (student, faculty, staff), but on campus as a visitor
  11. Parked at the meter to avoid buying a permit

Towing Policy

The University reserves the right to tow any vehicle that conducts multiple parking violations. Vehicles may also be towed if they interfere with snow removal during winter months.