Transportation Services
Photo of a vehicle driving during a winter day, with the sides blurbed out to simulate speed.

Van Certification

Certification Required

Eligible drivers must successfully complete online van training to rent a passenger van from Husky Motors. Take the training at your convenience (it takes about one hour), from any computer, for $25.

  • Request van certification training. (use email address)
    We'll email confirmation with instructions and an authorization code to begin the test.
  • Take the test. Print out your certificate of completion when you successfully pass.
  • Husky Motors Services verifies your certification and updates your records.

Next Steps

Now that you're certified, reserve a van and know the rules:

  • Vehicle rental prices and pickup schedule
  • Online vehicle reservation form
  • Vehicles are for official University business only.
  • Passenger capacity is 10 occupants (in a 15-passenger van) for travel outside of a 100-mile radius of campus.
  • Student groups that want to rent a vehicle need prior permission from the Student Activities Office—Husky Motors can't rent a vehicle to you without it.
  • More Husky Motors policies and procedures