Fall 2021 Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Zhanping You

|November 30, 2021|Theme: Transportation and Environment|

Zhanping You


Distinguished Professor Zhanping You, Transportation Engineering


Engineering Waste Tires to Better Roads

Research Statement

Stockpiles of waste tires pose concerns of potential contamination of local groundwater and fire risk. The objective of this study is to engineer waste tires as a sustainable rubber asphalt material for better roads through various experimental and numerical modeling techniques.  This study attempted to establish discrete element models (DEM) to investigate the strength, skeleton structures, and stress distribution of rubber modified asphalt mixtures.  The research team also expanded the research work from models and lab work and then to field pilot projects. Quite a few pilot projects that use recycled tire rubber were constructed as asphalt pavements in Michigan. In general, the test results from the laboratory were favorable regarding moisture damage resistance, low temperature cracking resistance, and noise reduction. The effort of this study will contribute to circular and low carbon economy.

Six Questions with Zhanping You