Fall 2021 Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Jennifer Slack

|October 20, 2021|Theme: Technology and Culture|

Jennifer Slack


Distinguished Professor Jennifer Daryl Slack, Communication and Cultural
Studies, Department of Humanities


Technological Culture: From Cultural Studies to Transdisciplinarity

Research Statement

There is nothing new in the claim that technology and culture are connected. We would
all likely agree that technologies have cultural impacts and technological invention and
innovation can be encouraged or discouraged. Yet it is also true that most of the time
most of us act as though technology is something that happens “over there,” and culture
is something that happens elsewhere. My research addresses that elsewhere. In my
research on culture I ask how it works, how it matters, and how it changes (or not). I am
particularly interested in how it manages to secure technology as “over there,” as
removed from culture, at best the superior determinant of culture. To insist instead that
technology is significantly always already cultural, I research concepts and
practices—articulation, assemblage, convergence, and transdisciplinarity—designed to
transform the divide and generate new knowledge, new forms of knowledge production,
and new forms of expertise.

Six Questions with Jennifer Slack