8.01—Use of University Identity Marks

Effective: 08/20/2001
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Research
Responsible Office: Office of Innovation and Industry

Policy Statement

Michigan Technological University’s Identity Marks (“identity marks”) include but are not limited to the name “Michigan Technological University” in full or abbreviated form (e.g. “Michigan Tech” or “MTU”), and all logos (e.g. “Huskies” or the University Husky logo) or other visual identity representations that are protected under United States and international trademark laws. University Marketing and Communications (UMC) and the Office of Innovation and Commercialization (ICO) must review and approve (or disapprove) all internal and external uses of Michigan Technological University’s identity marks. Any use of any University identity mark, and/or any symbols suggesting or representing the identity of the University, including but not limited to merchandise, digital or hard copy media, or any materials created for any purpose including commercial sale, or non-commercial sale (fund-raising or promotional purposes), requires prior written design approval from UMC and licensing approval from ICO. Approval is within the sole discretion of authorized University representatives within the Office of Innovation and Commercialization and/or University Marketing and Communications, and is based on a number of factors including accuracy of the design and the representation it conveys and appropriate compensation to the University for such use.

Policy Requirements

Use of any Identity Marks of the University which is approved must meet the standards outlined in the brand, marketing, editorial, and other associated guides published and maintained by UMC.


This policy provides guidelines that are intended to maintain the integrity and use of Michigan Technological University’s official identity marks.


This policy applies to any individual (including University employees) or entity desiring to use or to reproduce Michigan Technological University’s identity marks, for any purpose.

Related Policy Information

Camera-ready art is available from UMC to help encourage proper use of the University's name and logos and to prevent misrepresentation.

The University grants to the licensed vendors the nonexclusive right to produce items using the University's identity marks with approved designs and for approved purposes. UMC and ICO maintain a list of licensed vendors who can assist in the production of items for commercial sale or promotional purposes.

ICO maintains information relating to legal usage of University identity marks, and trademarks on the Trademark Licensing Information web page.

UMC maintains information relating to proper use and reproduction of university identity marks on the Brand Management web page.




Office of Innovation and Commercialization 7-2228
University Marketing and Communication 7-2354


Identity Mark or Visual Mark - A distinctive word, design or graphic symbol, or combination word and design, that distinguishes and identifies the goods and services of Michigan Technological University

Registered Trademark - A distinctive word, design or graphic symbol, or combination word and design, that distinguishes and identifies the goods and services of Michigan Technological University and is formally registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Patent/License Manager (ICO) - Manages the University Trademark Licensing Program, including the approval and processing of license agreements with vendors to use University identity marks.

University Marketing and Communications (UMC) - Oversees the University’s brand management program, provides educational information and approvals regarding acceptable use of University identity marks.


Prior to any use of Michigan Tech's identity marks, and to receive approval for such use and the intended design, contact the Office of Innovation and Commercialization by telephone at 7-2228 or by email at industry@mtu.edu

Visit the Office of Innovation and Commercialization website for licensing and design review information. ICO personnel can help complete any associated forms.






01/14/2019 Policy Review: Throughout the document, to reflect current practice, changed all instances of "Innovation and Industry Engagement" to "Innovation and Commercialization".
08/10/2017 Updated, converted from Operating Procedures Manual University and reissued as new University Administrative Policy. Approved by Vice President for Research.
08/20/2001 Operating Procedures Manual