University Policy Office

Appendix F—Solomon Amendment Disclosure

The Solomon Amendment (10 U.S.C. statutes 982; #@ C.F.R. 216, 65 F.R. 2056) is not a part of FERPA, but it allows military organizations access to information ordinarily restricted under FERPA for the purpose of military recruiting. The Amendment permits the Department of Defense entities to physically access institutional facilities to recruit students, and to obtain student recruiting information. That information includes:

  • students' names, addresses, phone number;
  • age (or date of birth);
  • class level (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.);
  • academic major;
  • degrees received;
  • most recent education institution at which student was enrolled.

Recruiters may NOT ask for:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Race/Ethnicity/Nationality
  • Grade or Quality-point average (GPA) - no lists based upon this either
  • Grades or 'low-performing students'
  • Religious affiliation
  • Students with loans in default
  • Gender

The Solomon Amendment only applies to enrolled students over the age of 17.