University Policy Office

Appendix E—Annual Notification

The University is required to annually notify students in attendance that they may:

  • Inspect and review their education records;
  • Seek amendment of inaccurate or misleading information in their education records;
  • Consent to most disclosures of personally identifiable information from education records.
  • File a complaint for alleged failure of the university to comply with the act.

The annual notice must also include:

  • Information for a student to file a complaint of an alleged violation with the Family Policy Compliance Office;
  • A description of who is considered to be a school official and what is considered to be a legitimate educational interest so that information may be shared with that individual;
  • The procedure for exercising the right to inspect and review records; and
  • Information about who to contact to seek access or amendment of education records.

This notification is published on the Office of Student Records and Registration web site, in the Undergraduate Catalog, and in the Graduate Bulletin. It is also emailed to all currently enrolled students.