Welcome to the Ombuds Office: Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution. Confidential | Impartial | Independent | Informal

About the Ombudsperson

Susanna Peters JD

  • University Ombuds

What an Ombuds Does

The Ombuds Office provides confidential and informal problem solving for members of the Michigan Tech academic community, including conflict resolution and mediation services. We provide services to help individuals resolve their concerns fairly and informally. Informal conflict resolution services are intended to be employed prior to initiating any formal grievance procedures.

The Ombuds Office can assist you by:

  • carefully listening to you and helping you to analyze the situation and evaluate your options;
  • researching and explaining relevant University policies, procedures, and problem-solving channels;
  • informally mediating disputes between willing members of the Michigan Tech community;  
  • initiating non-adversarial, problem-solving discussions with other involved parties (only with your permission); and
  • making referrals to other campus and community resources. 

What is the Definition of Ombuds?

The name “ombudsman” (om budz man) comes from the Swedish language and literally means “representative.”  An organizational Ombuds is a designated neutral person who is appointed to facilitate the confidential and informal resolution of concerns of employees, managers, students and sometimes external clients of the organization. As stated by the International Ombudsman Association, "[t]he primary duties of an organizational ombudsman are (1) to work with individuals and groups in an organization to explore and assist them in determining options to help resolve conflicts, problematic issues or concerns, and (2) to bring systemic concerns to the attention of the organization for resolution.”

Frequently Asked Questions