Senior Design Projects Spring 2024

226. Project Puma: PPE Communication Improvement

Project Puma aims to improve communication between medical personnel while wearing the Stryker T7 helmet and personal protection equipment (PPE) during surgery. The designed communication system utilizes a microphone, amplifying bandpass filter, and bone-conduction headphones to increase speech intelligibility without wireless communication between headsets. The microphone collects sound from the operating room (OR) to be filtered by an amplifying bandpass filter. The bone-conduction headphones then transfer the filtered sound safely and hygienically, allowing the end-user to hear human speech and medical instrument noise, increasing the speech intelligibility between end-users.

238. Battery Electric Vehicle Front Bumper System

Steel has long been the material of choice for automakers. The primary objective of this project is to demonstrate that steel, with its broad palette of grades, remains the logical choice for the execution of mass efficient, cost effective, and sustainable designs for future battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and to dispel the myth that the only road to vehicle weight efficiency is through the use of alternate materials. Our project requires the Tesla model 3 front bumper system to be made entirely of steel, rather than the currently used aluminum model (datum). Our steel design must be equal to or lesser mass, attain better performance standards, cost less, and remain in the same design envelope as the aluminum datum.