Enterprises are student-led companies embracing rich experiences in engineering design, team building, project management, and end-to-end original product development. The program gives teams of students from varied disciplines the opportunity to work for several semesters in a business-like setting to solve real-world engineering problems supplied by industry partners. Typical activities of an Enterprise team include performing testing and analysis; making recommendations; manufacturing parts; developing products, processes, and services; meeting budgets and schedules; and managing multiple projects.

  • Aerospace
  • Advanced Motorsports
    • Blizzard Baja SAE
    • Clean Snowmobile Team
    • Formula SAE
    • Supermileage Systems
  • BoardSport Technologies
  • Innovative Global Solutions
  • Velovations
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Aerospace Enterprise

Pavlis Honors College catches up with the Aerospace Enterprise as they work on their two satellites, Auris and Stratus.

“We're all undergraduates. We are well funded. We have a really cool alumni network.”Nolan Pickett, undergraduate student, on Aerospace Enterprise
“We had a slow period when the airlines weren’t flying. We maintained business, but it’s on a steep incline now to try and catch up, because all of the aero manufacturers are trying to make engines that are more efficient, and we’re right in the mix of that business.”Brett Sabourin '93, electrical engineering manager for Howmet Aerospace Inc. on the current growth of the aerospace industry coming out of the pandemic
“Mondeik was a standout athlete in high school in baseball and wrestling and, not surprisingly like many of the other standout racers in the Midwest, he has an engineering degree from Michigan Tech University.”John Osterman, Dickinson County Racing Association President, on Justin Mondeik '19 BSME