BS Mechanical Engineering Enterprise Concentration Flow Chart

Audit Years

Program Code EMEE

This sample plan and flow chart is suitable for all incoming students with math placement below calculus:

General Flow Chart Guidelines

Semester 1

Total 15/16 Credits
PE Co-Curricular (0.5)

Semester 2

Total 18 Credits

Semester 3

Total 16 Credits
PE Co-Curricular (0.5)

Semester 4

Total 17 Credits

Semester 5

Total 16 Credits

PE Co-Curricular (.5)

Semester 6

Total 17 Credits
PE Co-Curricular (.5)

Semester 7

Total 15 Credits
PE Co-Curricular (.5)

Semester 8

Total 14 Credits
PE Co-Curricular (.5)

Electives and Modules

Required Technical Electives

Any 4000+ level courses in the College of Engineering except MET courses are acceptable for ME technical electives. MET courses are not acceptable for ME technical elective credits. These prefixes—BE, CM, CEE, EE, ENG, GE, MEEM, MSE—may be used by BSME students for technical elective credits (if allowed to enroll in the course by the offering department) with the following exceptions:

GE 4000

or any other research/special topics/seminar/etc credits (courses without a specific course description and/or syllabus). Undergraduate students cannot typically enroll in 6000-level courses. Special topics courses (4990, 5990, etc.) may be approved on an individual section/semester basis if a student/faculty member submits or creates a course syllabus for evaluation. OSM 4300 is also acceptable.

Free Electives

Any credits that are 1000-level or above, not on the co-curricular activities list, and not non-repeatable duplicated or equivalent courses.

Enterprise Modules

  • ENT 2961 and/or ENT 2962 also usable as HASS Restricted but not both as ENT Modules and HASS.
  • UN 3002 and/or UN 3003, up to 2 credits total, can be used as Enterprise module credits in the BSME-Enterprise curriculum.
  • Modules may not be offered every semester and may have prerequisites and/or restrictions.