Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems

The Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems research group focuses on collaborative research at the interface of engineering disciplines including dynamics, vibration, acoustics, signal processing, molecular biology, and controls.

These disciplines are becoming increasingly important due to advances in nanotechnology, higher machinery speeds, demanding operational loads, compact and lightweight designs, and new engineered materials.

Experimental work that employs high-speed processors, signal processing and embedded control processor, smart sensors, and actuators is evolving rapidly. When faced with complaints about noise or unpleasant vibration, many global manufacturers turn to the Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems research group to investigate and improve their systems' behavior.

Tomorrow Needs a Quieter Environment

Researchers employ experimental and simulation-based methods to turn a grating whine into a gentle hum that exists below the realm of human perception.

With modern lab facilities that include anechoic and reverberation chambers, researchers are well equipped to undertake studies of components and systems in full-scale operation.

The Automation in Manufacturing and Industrial Systems (AMIS) Lab research focuses on developing perception, cognition, and human-interactive solutions for automation to further advance industrial systems and society.

The Dynamics and Intelligent Systems (DIS) Group aims to understand dynamics behaviors of structures and systems and enable intelligent engineering systems.

The Intelligent Robotics and System Optimization Laboratory (IRoSOL) focuses on real-time action for coordinating multiple heterogeneous robotic systems in various applications, such as surveillance, monitoring, search and rescue, power generation, transportation, and manufacturing.

MTU Wave is the collaborative wave tank laboratory at Michigan Tech dedicated to advancing research and development in the field of floating offshore technologies. Watch the MTU wave tank as it generates a range of wave profiles, from regular to chaotic ones, you'll witness the full spectrum of wave dynamics. Ideal for scientists and engineers studying floating structures.

Faculty + Research = Discovery

Our department boasts world-class faculty who have access to numerous innovative research labs and are committed to discovery and learning.

This encompasses a range of research areas, experiences, and expertise related to multidisciplinary engineered dynamic systems. Learn more about our faculty and their research interests:

Research Projects

Our faculty engage in a number of research projects, many of which are publicly funded.

A sample listing of recent research projects appears below. You can also view a broader list of research projects taking place across the mechanical engineering-engineering mechanics department.

Past Projects

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“Feedback control is primarily used for disturbance rejection.”Gordon Parker, John and Cathi Drake Endowed Chair in Mechanical Engineering