V.C. Rao Komaravolu

V.C. Rao Komaravolu


  • Principal Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering—Engineering Mechanics
  • PACE Coordinator
  • Indian Student Association Faculty Advisor
  • Ph.D

Areas of Expertise

  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Computer Aided Design

Research Interests

  • Survey of heat transfer in electrical machines
  • Techniques of temperature measurement in rotating systems
  • Prediction of temperature distribution in electrical machines using network analyzer
  • Scale model studies of large capacity turbo-generators
  • Studies on sprayer performance in deaerators
  • Estimation of heat transfer coefficients in industrial steam turbines

Recent Publications

  • Rao, K.V.C., 1996, “Effect of Cooling Fluid Properties and Application Variables on Heat Transfer in Turning and Boring Operations,” Proceeding of ASME Japan/USA Symposium on Flexible Automation, Vol. 2, pp. 1119-1126.
  • Eisele, T.C., Rao, K.V.C., and Kawatra, S.K., 1995, “Cycloning and Froth Floatation of Scrubber Sludge for Pollution Prevention,” Proceedings Pollution Prevention in the Mining & Mineral Process Industries.
  • Rao, K.V.C., Mahadevappa, M., and Sastri, V.M.K., 1993, "Experimental Investigation for Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in an Elliptical Duct Rotating About a Parallel Axis," Experimental Heat Transfer, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 97-109.
  • Banherjee, B., Rao, K.V.C., Sastri, V.M.K., 1990, “Transient Free Convective Heat Transfer from Co-rotating Concentric Disks,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 33, No. 5, pp. 1177-1182.

NX certification Grant 5K

  • Receied a grant of $5000 donation to Michigan Tech in support of the PACE program. The objective is to prepare the automotive cad certification aguide and train the students at MTU to undergo the Automotive CAD certification. V.C Rao komaravolu took the NX test and obtained the instructor certification. A draft of the certification guide highlighting the details of ceritification procedure and the material coverage required etc is ready. The final report will be submitted to PACE in the Ist week if February 2012. Efforts are being made to make the students aware fo the benefits of the certification program. A formal training will be started by the middle of Febraury 2012. MTU together with MSU isalso involed in the preparation of question bank for conducting the NX 7.5 certification.

PACE project 2012 -2014, PAMD

  • MTU a member of team 5, placed in 2nd place for road test on the projec "Portable assisted mobilty device" during the annual meet held at Turino, Italy in July 2014. MTU also obtained Ist place in Market research, Ist Place in Manufacturing, Ist place in Engineering, 3rd Place in Design.

PACE Project 2010 - 2012

  • MTU, member of the PACE team 3, obtained I st. place for 2010-2011, and 2nd place at the PACE annual meet held in Shanghai, China during 2012. The project title: Sustainable Urban transportation. (SUT) Duration 2 years

PACE Project 2012 - 2014 PAMD

  • MEEM 3501, MEEM 3502, MEEM 4403, NEEM 2110, MEEM 2700, MEEM 2200,MEEM 4250, MEEM 3210,MEEM 3230,