Ezequiel Medici

Ezequiel Medici


  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


Dr. Médici is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological University. Dr. Médici received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, and a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Río Cuarto in Argentina. He has an extensive background experience in modeling phase change, heat and mass transport for a broad range of applications. His current projects include modeling heat and mass transport in thin porous media, modeling explosive volcanic eruption, and modeling phase change in cryogenic fuel propellants. He has been working over the past ten years on modeling heat and mass transport for fuel cell applications. He has also developed a GDL pore network model to study the mass transport limitation of PEMFCs. Dr. Medici's most recent effort in this area has been a collaboration with 3M and Tuft University to further extend the pore network model capabilities to model mass transport on PEM fuel cells catalysts.

Research Interests

  • Numerical modeling and experimental analysis of multi-transport at the microscale and porous media: PEM fuel cells mass transport limitations, diapers, heat pipes, and oil recovery.
  • Shock tube experiments: modeling of violent volcanic eruptions, shock waves propagation on complex structures, dusty supersonic jets expansion, blast absolving materials.
  • Kinetic and diffusive modeling of phase change. Phase change in cryogenic fluid propellants.