Kishan Bellur

Kishan Bellur


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  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, CEAs-Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering


Kishan Bellur received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2013. He then briefly worked as a hydraulics engineer at The Raymond Corp. in Greene, NY before starting graduate school at Michigan Tech. He received an MS in 2016 and PhD in August 2018, both in Mechanical Engineering. His research is focused on liquid-vapor phase change and investigations into the kinetic theory models describing the same. In addition to interfacial transport, he is interested in modeling and visualization of fluid physics phenomena at (1) micro-/nano- scales, (2) cryogenic temperatures and (3) reduced-gravity. His other research interests lie in investigation of water transport through ionomer membranes in PEM fuel cells and development of novel visualization/characterization techniques (neutron imaging, interferometry, SANS, SPR microscopy and ellipsometry). He was the recipient of a $200K graduate student grant funded by NASA that aims to analyze microgravity fluid physics experimental data and investigate fundamental assumptions made in kinetic theory. He has given numerous conference presentations, authored 7 publications and has many fellowships and awards to his credit. He is also passionate about teaching emphasizing on "hands-on" active learning, data analysis and communication and integrated thermo-fluid sciences. In his spare time, he likes to sample new cuisines and explore the outdoors.

Research Interests

  • Micro-scale Thermophysics
  • Interfacial Transport
  • Capillary Phenomena
  • Cryogenics
  • Neutron Imaging
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Scientific Computing