Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Building for the Future Phase II: Endowment Opportunities

Nearly every industry depends upon mechanical engineers. They are indispensable in every facet of the engineering profession as well as in finance, law, and medicine. That's why it is imperative that Michigan Tech students are taught by quality faculty and exposed to first-class equipment and facilities.

To learn more about how you can support endowment opportunities in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Tech, contact:

William Predebon

  • J.S. Endowed Department Chair in Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
  • Professor, Mechanical Engineering—Engineering Mechanics
MEEM 808

Endowed Faculty Support

Chair Professors

Competition for exceptional academic leaders is strong. A prestigious endowed chair professor will enhance the department’s ability to attract and retain professors who are outstanding, one-of-a kind leaders in research and teaching; examples include: Aerospace, Biomechanics, Computational Mechanics, Design, Dynamic Systems, Energy ThermoFluids, Manufacturing/Industrial, Nanotechnology, and Solid Mechanics.


These endowments recognize the achievements of full professors at different levels in their careers to help them meet their ongoing goals. Professorships are reserved for scholars of national or international stature with distinguished records of research, teaching, and publication.

Practitioner Chairs

We recognize the high value of people who have worked in industry or government labs for many years and who are ready for a career change. They can pass on a wealth of experience to students and create excitement in the classroom. We want them to choose to do it at Michigan Tech. You can make it happen.

Visiting Professorships

Visiting professors help maintain vitality and excitement within a department while filling departmental needs arising from retirement or sabbaticals. By offering fresh perspectives and new ideas, they expose faculty and students to a broader range of thought within a discipline and can stimulate new avenues of research.

Endowed Student Support

Support for high-achieving students is essential to endowing excellence at a national department of choice. Students often base their decisions on the financial aid available, especially at the graduate level. All quality graduate engineering students receive full financial support for their degree completion. These financial awards authoritatively make Michigan Tech an academic institution of choice.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate students form the nucleus of the next generation of faculty at colleges and universities, but many talented people accept positions in industry instead of pursuing graduate degrees. If this trend continues, we may face a shortage of engineers who are qualified to teach their successors and staff the nation’s research laboratories. Competition is fierce for the best and brightest graduate students who are sought around the country and the world. To remain competitive, our department must offer support—money that is not only used for research and teaching fellowships but also for personal and professional development. Fellowship availability and value is often the deciding factor in selecting a university for graduate school.

Women/Minority Scholarships and Fellowships

An outstanding mechanical engineering department strives to mirror the working environment. The competition for members of underrepresented groups with a high potential for success is keen. These funds attract women and outstanding members of minority groups to Michigan Tech to earn their mechanical engineering degrees.

Student Vehicle Competition Fund

Our extremely successful student vehicle competitions provide many students with leadership and hands-on, real-world experiences. To compete globally, participants need all-around support beyond the corporate sponsorships for the vehicles.

Senior Design Fund

With sponsored projects that go from concept to customer, the inspired ME-EM curriculum provides a premier senior design experience. Students travel to competitions to present posters and work with their clients. On Senior Design Day, they present the results of their year-long projects to faculty and industry sponsors and compete for recognition and awards. Endowed funding will insure the viability of this critical program.

Graduate Student Recruitment Fund

As a national department of choice, the ME-EM department must raise awareness among the best students to attract the leaders of tomorrow. History has shown that once students have visited the Michigan Tech campus, they are more likely to attend. Travel expenses to Michigan Tech and good promotional materials are vital to expanding our graduate program.

Scholars/Honors Program

This program will allow us to recognize outstanding students with records of high academic achievement. The ability to reward excellent scholars will make the ME-EM department a more attractive choice for students with outstanding abilities.

Student Leadership Awards

The ME-EM department fosters leadership in professional engineering societies and design competitions. Funds are needed to recognize and reward student leadership in entrepreneurial activities that prepare students for professional work.

Computing Technology Teaching Fund

Computer technology changes quickly, and keeping abreast requires frequent updating of equipment and software. Lab fees keep student equipment current, but staying on top requires upgrading when the need arises, not waiting for funds to become available. An endowed Computing Technology Teaching Fund would help us maintain our technological edge despite downturns and annual budget fluctuations.

Engineering Learning Center Coaches Fund

In the ME-EM department’s Engineering Learning Center, students can get help with fundamental courses, such as Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Mechanics of Materials. Student coaches focus on helping students help themselves. They give another valuable perspective to classroom work, a win-win situation for everyone. We need reliable endowed funds to sustain our support for student-coach training and salaries.

Senior Recognition Banquet Fund

Twice a year, the ME-EM department sponsors the Senior Recognition Banquet for all graduating mechanical engineers. It is their night. Graduates are inducted into the Order of the Engineer. The ceremony, which has become a hallowed tradition in the ME-EM department, marks the students’ entry into the professional world. Sustaining this tradition requires a reliable source of funding.

Graduate and Undergraduate Recognition Awards

Student accomplishments do not always fall into neat academic categories of excellence in scholarship or leadership. The department strives to recognize excellence both in and out of the classroom, in a professional society, or in service to the community.

Graduate Research Labs

This one-time investment expenditure would enable the ME-EM department to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and to remain competitive with other institutions. Although grants typically provide funds for unique equipment and upgrading once labs are in existence, initial set-up funds are difficult to obtain. We need to establish a graduate research lab in each of our five major research disciplines: Design, Dynamic Systems, Energy ThermoFluids, Manufacturing/Industrial, and Solid Mechanics.