Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Faculty Development Fund

Every day we face hurdles that challenge our ability to deliver an exceptional educational experience to our students. The most acute is financial. State support of Michigan Tech and all public universities in Michigan continues to decline dramatically. Despite this, we feel it is imperative to offer our students an affordable tuition—and keep that tuition from continuing to rise.

In the face of these challenges we must hire exceptional faculty—those who love to teach and conduct state-of-the-art research. Top faculty bring incredible enthusiasm for research into their classes. Students, in turn, become energized and excited about the course material and the research.

At Michigan Tech, we compete for the same talented faculty as do the top universities in the nation. How then can we distinguish ourselves?

We have a unique campus and culture, living in the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula. We have great students. But that is not enough.

Faculty are expected to be excellent teachers. They are engaged to develop nationally- and internationally-recognized research programs. Faculty advisors mentor and support MS and PhD students through to graduation. Faculty are asked to be active, to emerge as leaders in their professional societies, and to maintain good citizenship within the department and university. Promotion and tenure depend on being successful in each of these areas.

To attract these top faculty we must provide them with a highly competitive hiring package, so they can reach their goals and be successful at Michigan Tech. The hiring package usually requires new and expensive equipment, high-end computing resources, graduate student support, travel expenses, summer support, and more. On average our department hires three faculty members per year. The average faculty hiring package is $450,000, which is typical in the US for research universities.

Major Gifts and Naming Opportunities

I hope you will consider supporting ME-EM faculty development. In the short term, I am seeking cash donations for several funds dedicated to faculty development, with a goal of raising $5 million. Major gifts will be named.

In the long term, I plan to work on securing funds for an endowed Faculty Development Fund that will support many more faculty hiring packages.

A Meaningful Gift with Impact

Your gift will provide the finest equipment and additional support to our new faculty—enabling them to become leaders in their field, attract the best graduate students, and inspire our undergraduate students—while keeping our tuition affordable.

By supporting the education of our next generation of engineers, your contribution is certain to help change many more lives for the better.