Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Fourth Industrial Revolution Curriculum Revision Fund

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by disruptive forces:

  • Sensing Technology
    Gathering information continuously.
  • Networking
    Sensors interconnected through hundreds of thousands of servers to create the death of distance.
  • Big Data
    All information gathered in one place, leading to an explosion of data.
  • Algorithms to Analyze Big Data
    Neural networks, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence—to extract knowledge from data, like our brains but on a large scale.
  • And Others

Out of our curriculum revision will emerge a forward-facing educational experience for our undergraduate and graduate students. They will become digitally able in the rapidly changing world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our students will be involved in transformative research that embraces the changing digital landscape of mechanical engineering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Your support will help the faculty to prepare our students with the knowledge and critical skills in big data, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to use in the solution of engineering design problems. These skills will equip our students to use hybrid approaches, to wield fundamental laws and data driven models, and to solve engineering design problems. Our curriculum will differentiate them from their peers at other universities, giving an edge in the job market.