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The Faculty Development Fund allows us to attract top faculty.

Faculty Development Fund

To attract top new faculty to the ME-EM Department, we must provide them with a highly competitive hiring package so they can reach their goals and be successful.

Your gift will enable us to attract and hire exceptional new faculty—those who love to teach and conduct state-of-the-art research. With competitive hiring funds, our new faculty can become leaders in their field, attract the best graduate students, and inspire our undergraduate students—while keeping tuition affordable.

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Building for the Future Phase II: Endowing Excellence

Nearly every industry depends upon mechanical engineers. They are indispensable in every facet of the engineering profession as well as in finance, law, and medicine. That's why it is imperative that Michigan Tech students are taught by quality faculty and exposed to first-class equipment and facilities.

Progress total may take up to 24 hours to update.