Fall 2019 Graduate School Newsletter

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    10,000 Graduate Degrees I’m confident that among the upcoming and future graduate alumni, including the 10,000th graduate degree recipient, we will continue to find the leaders the world needs to create a strong, productive and inclusive future. - Pushpa Murthy, Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Provost

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Published by Michigan Tech Graduate School

  • Pushpalatha Murthy—Dean of the Graduate School
  • Nancy Byers Sprague—Director of Graduate Degree Services
  • Will H. Cantrell—Associate Dean of the Graduate School
  • Debra D. Charlesworth—Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Shellie Crisman—Business Systems and Data Analyst
  • Melissa Johnson—Office Assistant
  • Jacque Smith—Director of Graduate Enrollment Services
  • Mary J. Stevens—Assistant to the Dean
  • Kate van Susante—Digital Content and Programs Coordinator
  • Ashli Wells—Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment Services
  • Carol Wingerson—Administrative Aide