Woman's League Rules and Bylaws

  1. League will run for 10 weeks beginning on June 5 and ending on August 21. We play 10 weeks of regular match-play golf ending with the play-offs on August 21.
  2. League members are encouraged to be members of the Portage Lake Golf Course, but are not required to do so. If you are not a member, the league fee is $235. For a non-member sub, please pay your green fees for that night before you play. If not, the team will receive no points and the substitute will be invoiced for greens fees plus a penalty.
  3. Teams will consist of two people. Each person must have a handicap to play. The person with the lower handicap on your team plays the opponent with the lower handicap. Use the recorded handicap that you have on the day you play.
  4. Handicaps will be figured bi-weekly. Please post your scores on the score sheet located in the locker room from any golf outing at Portage Lake Golf Course. Scores do not have to be from league rounds. Two 9-hole rounds must be played prior to the first week so that a handicap can be established. Check your handicap each week prior to teeing off.
  5. If you are not able to play in a scheduled match, please contact any substitute from the list. In case you cannot find a substitute available, other members of the league can play your match for you, as long as the match is at a separate tee time from their own. You cannot play two matches at once. Another option would be for the team member who will be missing the match to play a round in advance (with another league member who can attest) and that score will be used in the match. Essentially, you would be playing a card for that match. If a match is missed during the regular scheduled week, you are required to play the match in advance. Please make sure that you play the correct 9 holes (front or back) for the week that you will miss. Should you not have your scores in by the league day, you will forfeit your points to your opponent.
  6. Please make every effort to find a substitute for your scheduled match. Provide the name of your substitute to your partner and your opponents for that week. If you can't make your scheduled match time and fail to communicate this to your partner and your opponents, you will forfeit your match and give your opponent all the points. If your partner is there, she may play her opponent as normal. Should you forfeit two matches during the summer, you will be asked to join the substitute list.
  7. Tee times start at 5 p.m. and go every 8 minutes until 5:48. Make sure to check the schedule so you know what time you will be teeing off. Try to make it to the course with enough time to sign in, check your handicap, and be on the tee at your tee time.
  8. Play will be match play with a 25 point scoring system as follows:
    • 18 points come from the nine hole play - each teammate can take a maximum of 9 points
    • 4 points come from each individual net score - each teammate can take a maximum of 2 points
    • 3 points come from the team net score - overall net score winners earn 3 points
    • All points will be halved if there is a tie
    • Please do your best to do your own scoring on the card, a PLGC staff member will then go through all the score cards
  9. This year we will have two "Alternate Format" nights. In June, we will be playing a "Shamble" format. In July, we will be playing a "Best Ball" format. The rules for each of these formats will be provided the night of the alternate format. These two alternate format nights will be scored based on flights and points given to the first through third place winners in each flight.
  10. All cards should be signed and dated. Make sure your name and your opponent's names and handicaps are on the same card. One person from each team should sign the card. Do the scoring on the score cards and turn the score cards into the Clubhouse and a PLGC staff member will put them onto the scoring sheets.
  11. Weather
    • In case of rain, in which league play is canceled, matches scheduled that week will not be made up. If you played your match in advance, it will not be scored. Call the PLGC (487-2641) for information after 4:30PM. A PLGC staff member will make a decision based on the conditions of the course at that time.
    • Once play has begun and any team has completed 5 holes, the week will be counted as a match. If you are caught in the rain, it is up to your team and your opponents whether or not to continue. You can either stop and make up a match at a later date (only complete those holes not played—do not start over from the first hole) or you and your opponent can split the remaining points in half, if agreed upon by both parties.
  12. If the course closes due to lightening, we will follow the course rules and regulations. Everyone is to get off of the course and the matches scheduled for that week will be cancelled.
  13. To speed up play, the following policies will be enforced:
    • Play "ready" golf. Be out of your cart, at your ball and with your club selected
    • The time limit for searching for lost balls is three minutes—please enforce this
    • Do not stand on or near the green and count up scores or mark them down—do it at the next tee box
    • Please pull your cart to the side of the green—do not leave it in front of the green
  14. Play your ball as it lies all season long unless notified otherwise. If the ball is in a divot in the correct fairway, you may after consultation with opponents, place ball within 6" of the original position. The ball cannot be moved if it is in the rough, a hazard, or another fairway.
  15. Two-ball deposit rule is in effect on the holes with the water hazards only. Hit no more than two calls into a water hazard. If you should hit two balls into the water, you may move your ball to the side of the hazard
  16. We will be using the shorter set of tee boxes for Tuesday golf only. Please use normal boxes when golfing outside of league to record handicaps.
    • 0-18 handicap will use White tee boxes
    • 19-30+ will use the shorter Red tee boxes
  17. No more than 10 hits per hole. After 10 strokes, pick up your ball. Should your opponent also pick up their ball after 10 strokes, you will split the hole.
  18. We will have two picnics this year. All of the food will be provided by the course. The food will be ready for the groups who go off the first tee time and will be available until all of the groups have eaten. Our picnics will correspond with our alternative format nights.
  19. Par and Grill: The Par and Grill will be open late every Tuesday. A PLGC staff member will run a special for the night. We encourage you to hang around after league and grab something to eat while you visit!!

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